3 Great Benefits of Restylane®

Close up shot of charming young girl with perfect clean skin Although a nutritious diet and regular exercise are essential for a long and healthy life, they do not always prevent the aesthetic changes caused by aging. Even in the fitness community where moderate to intense and frequent training is common, these effects can discourage you from fully achieving the look you want.

Depending on the specific effect you want to address or how severe the aesthetic changes are, many surgical procedures can safely and permanently reverse these signs of aging. However, if you are already spending long hours in the gym or training, the last thing you want is to have surgery and associated recovery interfere with your fitness progress.

Restylane® is not just a minimally-invasive treatment that can help you safely and quickly achieve your aesthetic goals. It has benefits that make it a great option over many other treatment options, especially if you are looking for aesthetic enhancement with little impact on your schedule.

There is no downtime for recovery after the fast treatment sessions. Not only do the treatment sessions take less than 30 minutes, but there is also no recovery or downtime required after. There may be some tenderness or swelling for the first two weeks, but these quickly subside.

The active ingredient is already found in your body. The hyaluronic acid (HA) in Restylane® is a naturally produced molecule in your body. Restylane® helps to boost the amount of HA as your body produces less as you age. This significantly reduces the risks of adverse reactions to the injections.

The results are long-lasting. Though the results of Restylane®, like many other dermal injectables and fillers, are temporary, most people see results for at least 6 months and sometimes longer. Since the treatment sessions are so fast and easy, follow-up or maintenance treatments can easily fit into your schedule.

For those in the fitness community or those who spend their time hard at work in the gym or exercising, the idea of needing to take more time to achieve their aesthetic goals can be challenging.

Whether Restylane® or other dermal injectable treatments, Dr. Rick Silverman can create a perfect plan to help achieve your goals with minimal impact on your daily life or training schedule. Call Dr. Silverman in Newton, MA, at 617-965-9500 or visit www.ricksilverman.com to get started today.

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