Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation: How Do I Choose?

breast augmenation For most women, losing weight changes the look of your body. But sometimes the changes can be unexpected or not what you wanted—for example, a smaller chest or sagging breasts. It is a common concern that Dr. Richard Silverman hears from female patients: “I didn’t want to lose the weight in my chest!”

Breast augmentation and a breast lift are two popular cosmetic procedures that focus on changing the appearance of the breasts. A breast augmentation adds volume and size to the breasts, while a breast lift helps to improve their shape without increasing the size.

How Are the Procedures Different?

Breast augmentation is performed by inserting saline or silicone implants into the breast tissue. Patients often choose this option to increase their overall cup size, create cleavage, or even restore lost volume due to aging, childbirth, and, of course, weight loss. On the other hand, a breast lift will help correct the sagging of the breasts caused by age or gravity. We can also see sagging skin occur after losing a substantial amount of weight. The procedure is done by removing excess skin from around the breasts and repositioning them higher on the chest wall.

Both procedures require at least several weeks of downtime to rest and recover. Dr. Silverman always advises patients to schedule time off work and other activities to ensure they can heal properly. Some potential risks may also be associated with each procedure, such as infection or bleeding. Your care team will work closely with you to monitor progress in the recovery process, regardless of which procedure you have done.

Which Surgical Option Is Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing between a breast augmentation and a breast lift, it will largely depend on your desired outcome. For clients wanting more volume, breast augmentation is a good option. But for someone looking to change the shape of their breasts without increasing the size, a breast lift might be more suitable for your needs. Some patients choose to have a breast augmentation and breast lift done at the same time to maximize their new look.

During your appointment, Dr. Silverman will discuss your goals and each surgical option so that you can make an informed decision. Schedule your consultation by calling us at 617-965-9500 or visiting us online at

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