Dr. Rick Silverman

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston, MA

Specializing in the Aesthetic Surgery of Body Builders and Fitness Trainers

A headshot of Dr. Rick Silverman a Plastic Surgeon in Boston MA.Dr. Rick Silverman received his A.B. in German from Dartmouth College in 1981 and his M.D. from Pennsylvania State University in 1985. He completed training in General Surgery at the Hershey Medical Center of Pennsylvania State University and at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine, finishing in 1990. He then trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, completing his program in 1992.

Shortly after, Dr. Silverman completed a traveling fellowship in Microvascular Surgery at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, and at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. He has been on staff at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center since July 1993. Dr. Silverman obtained certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in November 1995. His practice was relocated to the St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, Massachusetts, with offices in Newton and Brighton in September 2000. In his new practice, he joins Dr. George Volpe, with whom he trained at U Mass.

Dr. Silverman Specializes in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery For Fitness Oriented Individuals

Dr. Silverman’s practice covers the broad range of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, with some focus on diseases of the breast in both men and women as well as body contouring. He remains affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center as an Assistant Professor of Surgery. His focus in aesthetic surgery is on fitness-oriented individuals and bodybuilders. He aims to provide surgical care with minimal interruption of their training program.

Dr. Silverman’s Publications

Dr. Silverman has written several articles on the treatment of gynecomastia in bodybuilders. The articles were published in both peer-reviewed journals as well as in popular literature, including Muscle & Fitness magazine (for which he also serves on the Medical Advisory Board) and Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine.

Dr. Silverman is an Activist in Medical Programs

As a result of his exposure to the complications of drug use in athletes, Dr. Silverman has developed a program and is available to speak with students and other groups regarding steroids and other drug use in sports. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Silverman is active in the auspices of C.H.A.N.G.E, based in Worcester, and FUNDASE, based in Ecuador.

In these programs, Dr. Silverman leads groups of surgeons and medical personnel to Ecuador to provide surgical care to the underserved in the developing country. The majority of care has focused on the repair of congenital anomalies of the face and hand. Cleft lip and palate, along with secondary burn reconstruction and treatment of scars, are special focuses.

Dr. Silverman’s Hobbies

Away from work, Dr. Silverman is an athlete, involved in rowing, sailing, and competitive bodybuilding. He holds several titles, including the 2000 INBF Northeast Classic heavyweight winner and the 2000 Superbody Masters winner. Most recently, he finished 4th at the WNBF Pro Masters Cup and 3rd at the WNBF Mr. Universe, his first “professional” placing in the top three.

Dr. Silverman has written and performed music VA Smile Together In The Mix-Web telecharger and poetry, including an original “drug-free” rap as background to his posing routine in competition. He is an active alumni volunteer for Dartmouth College, having served as the President of the Dartmouth Alumni Council. Also, he has been honored with the Dartmouth Alumni Distinguished Service Award in 2009.

Patient Testimonials:

  • “Rick is an AMAZING surgeon, I have seen so much of his work in the fitness community and had work done myself and I can’t thank him enough. He is a pro-bodybuilder so he understands body symmetry better than most surgeons and has a keen eye for perfection” – M.A.
  • “He’s a very humble and kind person. He’s one of the best and most experienced in his specialty. I’m very happy I chose him and I’m very happy with my results.” – F.A.


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