Emfemme 360 in Boston, MA

What is Emfemme 360?

Emfemme 360 is the shortest non-invasive radiofrequency procedure for the treatment of vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction. The 360° volumetric heating ensures fast and uniform treatment of internal and external vaginal areas relieving a wide range of women’s wellness concerns.

Why should you choose Emfemme 360?

Emfemme 360 is the first FDA-approved non-surgical treatment that utilizes radiofrequency to instantly lift and tighten the vaginal canal and labial folds, aiming to restore a youthful and attractive appearance.

Other laser (not RF) ablative treatments result in a more superficial treatment with injury to the epithelium, which takes several days to heal.

EmFemme 360 takes an advanced approach by monitoring tissue temperature to ensure consistent energy delivery. The treatment is efficient, completing in just eight minutes. Its ergonomic design allows for the adjustment of pelvic contractions' timing, power, and strength, providing a comfortable experience for patients.

Will there be any downtime?

You might notice some mild redness or swelling immediately after your appointment, but this is normal due to the increased circulation. It shouldn’t be bothersome and will naturally dissipate within a few hours. You’ll be free to resume your normal routine without restriction, so you can get back to doing what you love the most.

What are the realistic expectations of Emfemme 360?

Clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of radiofrequency technology in rejuvenating women's intimate health, and Emfemme 360 is consistent with these findings. The device has a high satisfaction rate, with 80% of patients experiencing significant improvement in symptoms such as dryness, laxity, and urinary leakage after a series of three to six treatments.  Immediate relief from muscle spasms and pain have been reported, while other benefits like improved tone and tightness develop over time. The thermal energy promotes tissue repair and ongoing collagen production, resulting in increased lubrication, enhanced sensitivity, and may help to reduce urinary leakage.

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