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Many women who engage in bodybuilding and fitness activities are seeking breast augmentation. One of the down-sides of bodybuilding, in fact, is the gradual loss of breast tissue with increased lean body mass and decrease in body fat. If you’ve lost your curves as you’ve trained and toned, you can consider breast augmentation as a safe way to restore fullness to your figure. Dr. Rick Silverman has performed several breast augmentation procedures at his office serving the Boston area.

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Most of the issues pertinent to all patients undergoing breast augmentation remain pertinent to fitness fanatics. Dr. Silverman provides information specific to women who enjoy weight training and are considering breast implants.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or enhancement, is a procedure Dr. Silverman performs to increase breast size and/or improve breast asymmetry. This procedure has become one of the most popular procedures performed today. Breast enhancement is ideal for women who want larger breasts and want to restore the breast volume often lost as a result of pregnancy or significant weight loss. The breasts can be enlarged with implants or by fat transfer.

Am I A Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Many women are good candidates for breast augmentation. It is necessary to be in good physical and emotional health before undergoing this procedure. Patients who smoke need to avoid tobacco and nicotine before surgery to reduce risks and promote optimal healing. Surgeons also prefer that a patient is clear about their reasons for wanting breast implants. The decision to enhance the body is a big one and should be made for oneself only, not for anyone else. Studies indicate that the happiest patients are those who have a healthy sense of self before deciding to have breast augmentation; that they see their change as a positive move to improve what is already there, not to “fix” something wrong about their body.

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Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Ninety-eight percent of patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery report that their decision was worth it. In one of many surveys, the large majority of women polled (92%) said that their sense of self-esteem increases after their procedure. Sixty-four percent of women said that they felt their quality of life was enhanced by the physical and emotional benefits they gained through breast augmentation.

The benefits of breast augmentation are many. They can vary from one person to another but tend to include higher satisfaction with appearance.

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Adding volume to the breasts can enable a woman to fit into clothing better and to exhibit overall better body proportions.

What People Say About Us!

"I came to Dr. Silverman 10 years ago to fix my breast augmentation that I had done with another surgeon. I was unsatisfied having ripples. Dr. Silverman replaced and fixed my breast. They looked so natural and beautiful. 10 years now and they are still looking beautiful and I still do not need to change them yet."

- Anonymous

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Breast Implants: Over Vs. Under The Muscle

Many women who bodybuild worry about the impact of lifting on the breast implant if it’s under the muscle. Some of the concerns that arise are, “Will it move?” or “Will it deflate or pop?” These things can happen but its not typical and is very rare.

Dr. Rick Silverman recommends the placement of implants under the pectoralis major chest muscle since the appearance of the implant is better, especially in patients with very low body fat. In those patients, the implants tend to be very obvious when placed over the muscle, including features such as rippling. By placing the implant under the muscle, there is more tissue between the implant and the outside world, thus making the implant less obvious.

Breast Implants Before After Submuscular Placement

The patient above was a 34A to B pre-op and 34 C to D post-op. This patient had breast augmentation with submuscular implants filled to 400 cc. The after photos are 8 weeks post-op.

Will The Breast Implant Under The Muscle Be Squeezed By The Muscle?

Yes, the breast implant under the muscle will be squeezed by the muscle, but that’s not necessarily a problem. Breast implants are made to stand up to lots of abuse. The implants are compressible, and in many cases you will be advised to massage the implants to keep them soft. The motion of the muscle will not normally hurt the implant. On the other hand, the motion of the pectoralis muscle can cause “bouncing” of the implant or flattening, when the muscle is flexed. This isn’t a problem either, its just something that you should be aware of.

Breast Implant Placement: Half Under The Muscle And Half Over The Muscle

I have had patients tell me that their friend’s plastic surgeon invented a technique like this, and I thought to myself, “hmm…isn’t that how we all do submuscular implants?” If you think of what a man’s chest looks like, the nipple is at the lower edge of the pectoralis muscle. The implants, when properly positioned, are essentially centered under the nipple. That makes half of the implant under the pectoralis muscle, but the lower half is not covered by the muscle. The lower half sits over the serratus muscles on the side and the rectus abdominis muscle below. Those names probably mean something to you if you’re a bodybuilding enthusiast. For everyone else, it’s just important to know that the lower part of the implant isn’t under muscle, except in cases of breast reconstruction, which is very different from cosmetic breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

Boston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Silverman generally uses one of two incisions which include inframammary fold and periareolar.


The most frequently used incision is placed in the inframammary fold, under the breast. This is well hidden by the breast (which is now larger and covers the incision), and this incision is the easiest to use. It is one inch long and at times it could actually be slightly smaller.


The other option used is a “periareolar” incision—around the nipple. We typically use this incision when Dr. Silverman is performing a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time as the augmentation. In that case, a periareolar (“donut”) mastopexy, we make the incision the whole way around the nipple, but no other incisions.

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This is important for women who have sagging of the breast after child-bearing or weight loss. The incision which is placed in the axilla (arm-pit) is another option, but I rarely use this incision for several reasons.

Primarily, many of Dr. Silverman’s patients are very active fitness enthusiasts, and they often wear sleeveless clothing, exposing the axilla. An incision there might be visible, whereas they are not going topless very often, thus hiding an incision on or under the breast. Additionally, an axillary approach makes management of the inframammary fold a little more difficult, especially in bodybuilding women. This could result in a high implant. He tries to avoid this, and the other incisions make that easier. Dr. Silverman do not use the transumbilical approach in his practice (through the belly button), but this is another alternative which is employed by a limited number of surgeons.

Types Of Breast Implants

Dr. Silverman Offers two types of implants, round and anatomic. The appearance of the augmented breast with a round versus an anatomic implant, Dr. Silverman is fairly unimpressed by any differences with regard to a “more natural appearance”. Both implants give very good results when used properly.

Round Implants

In most breast augmentation surgeries, Dr. Silverman has used round breast implants for his patients. Round breast implants are somewhat easier to use, and the results are generally excellent. With the round implants, he uses a smooth implant, since it is a little softer and less palpable

Anatomic Implants

In a few patients, however, he finds that McGhan anatomic implants may provide more projection and a larger implant with a narrower base. If a patient has a narrow rib cage and wants a larger implant, this can be useful. Additionally, because competitive bodybuilding women may want to be able to exhibit their intercostals and serratus (the muscles on the side), a larger round implant may obscure that area, whereas the anatomic implant might not. This is less important with a moderate sized implant, since the base width is narrower. The anatomic implant is textured, so that it doesn’t spin around once it is implanted.Obviously, an upside down anatomic implant might make you look top-heavy in a way you hadn’t anticipated.

Breast Augmentation Before & After

Breast Augmentation BeforeAfter Dr Rick Silverman

Is Breast Augmentation Safe?

Several studies have taken place over the many years that breast augmentation has been a leading plastic surgery procedure. To date, none have confirmed that breast implants are associated with autoimmune or other systemic diseases. Even the recent findings that suggest the risk of breast implant associated-anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) from certain textured implants are very particular. This risk has been found only with certain textured breast implants. Furthermore, scientific evidence demonstrates that the risk of BIA-ALCL is very low. We are happy to discuss the nature of this condition and its relation to breast implants, as well as how Dr. Silverman reduces risks for our patients. Contact our office to schedule a time to talk.

Important Considerations For Breast Implants:

  • Breast implants are not intended to last a lifetime. There may be a need to replace devices at some point. This can differ from patient to patient.
  • The appearance of augmented breasts will change over time as a result of pregnancy, aging, and other factors.
  • Regular breast exams and recommended imaging are necessary to accurately monitor breast health.

Is The Breast Augmentation Procedure Painful?

Breast augmentation is somewhat of a painful operation for patients. But 99.9% of women say that they would do it again for the benefit they perceive afterwards. Sort of like child-bearing. One of the good things is that the pain can be managed with pain relievers. During you consultation, Dr. Silverman will discuss any possible discomfort you may feel after surgery along with the pain management he provides to his patients.

Can I Combine Breast Augmentation With Other Procedures?

Breast augmentation can be nicely complemented by several other procedures. Combining procedures is often a good choice because it maximizes results while minimizing costs and downtime for recovery. Some of the procedures that are often combined with breast augmentation include breast lift, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. Dr. Silverman conducts a thorough consultation with each patient and can discuss the ideal combination, if any, to achieve the desired outcome.

Do The Results Look Natural?

Many patients express concern that their new breasts will not look natural. The improvements in breast implant types have significantly decreased this risk. Dr. Silverman looks at several factors when helping patients choose the right implant. These include how narrow the chest is and the patient’s desire to ensure their intercostals and serratus muscles remain visible. Breast implant placement is also a contributing factor in the natural appearance that is achieved. Many of our patients choose submuscular situation that provides more coverage of the implants.

How Long After My Breast Augmentation Will I Be Able To Work Out?

shutterstock 162601364 221x300 1 Dr. Silverman allows his patients to start cardio in about a week, and they can start lifting with light weights after two weeks. He recommends that the patient does not do any chest exercises for up to six weeks, generally cautioning that if it hurts, don’t do it. In spite of this, most women who bench press share with Dr. Silverman that they are able to bench press the same weight as they did pre-operatively by eight to twelve weeks post-operatively. In a number of my patients who are very serious about their training, they have continued to increase their bench press strength as though they never had implants placed.

Dr. Silverman’s Patient Shares Her Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Post-Breast Augmentation Care

It is important to keep in mind that every person is unique. Your recovery experience may be very different than another person’s. Have an open mind and remember to listen to what your body tells you after surgery. Generally:

  • Patients may feel fatigued for a day or two. This is a signal to rest!
  • Dressings may be left in place until your follow-up appointment, but after 24 hours, if the dressing gets wet in the shower, it can be removed. Steri-strips need to stay in place over incisions.
  • If so desired, gauze dressings may be reapplied for the first week of recovery.
  • If drains are placed, empty them and record drainage volume as directed. This is important because it signals when drains can be removed.
  • Showers may be taken 24 hours after surgery, keeping dressings or steri-strips in place. Incisions can be patted dry after showering. Baths and other still water should be avoided for a few weeks.
  • The recommended compression garment or sports bra needs to be put back on right after showering.
  • Patients may begin cardio exercise about one week after surgery. Weight training may resume as early as two weeks after breast augmentation, taking care to avoid chest exercises.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of breast augmentation is determined by several factors discussed during our consultation. These factors include:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Surgical center fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Pre-op medical tests
  • Prescription medications
  • Post-surgery dressings and garments

When selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation, experience and your comfort level are more important than cost.

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