Dr. Rick Silverman is known throughout the Boston area as an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who caters to individuals in the fitness world. In our practice, we have no preference. We enjoy treating all patients with the services they need to help them feel their best. In addition to injectables like Botox, we are pleased to offer Juvéderm dermal filler products to treat moderate to severe facial creases and deflation.

Juvederm Boston, MA

What Is Juvéderm?

Juvéderm is the umbrella name that includes a comprehensive family of products. The FDA-approved fillers are made by Allergan, Inc., the same company that brought us Botox. Juvéderm fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA). Although called an acid, HA is a sugar compound that occurs organically in the body. This substance acts as a cushioning agent and hydrator for the skin. When we are young, our skin has an abundance of hyaluronic acid. However, sun exposure and aging deplete our stores, leading to volume loss and the formation of lines and wrinkles.

How Does Juvéderm Work?

Juvéderm injections work by depositing nourishing, hydrating hyaluronic acid particles into the dermis. These particles attract water molecules into the tissue. Water is held in place by hyaluronic acid, enabling it to smooth and plump the skin. The deposited HA particles get metabolized gradually over the course of several months. As the particles dismantle, water molecules are released to disperse from the treated tissue. Retreatment can be scheduled as needed to sustain your desired appearance.

Juvéderm Treatment Areas

The Juvéderm family is comprehensive, with several products made to address specific concerns and parts of the body. Choosing from this collection of soft tissue fillers, we can treat the:

  • Lips
  • Nose
  • Undereye area
  • Cheeks
  • Temples
  • Creases around the nose and mouth
  • Jawline and chin

Juvéderm Treatment

We conduct injectable treatments in our comfortable Newton office. Most treatments take less than an hour, including a brief consultation in which we discuss concerns and desired outcome. After our introductory conversation and observation of the treatment area, our experienced injector administers dermal filler using a fine needle. Juvéderm products contain lidocaine, so treatment is virtually painless other than the mild sting of the initial injections. The deposited hyaluronic acid immediately begins to bind to water molecules beneath the skin. This allows us to observe the results of treatment as they occur in real time.

How Long Do The Results Of Juvéderm Last?

Results from Juvéderm treatment can last from 12 to 24 months depending on the product selected, where it is used, and the rate at which hyaluronic acid is metabolized by the body. Most patients report feeling satisfied with their results months after their initial treatment.

Juvéderm Post Op Instructions

Most normal activities can be resumed immediately after Juvéderm treatment. Makeup can be applied right away. Skin care may also resume the same day as treatment. Patients are advised to postpone strenuous activity and heavy lifting for at least 24 hours after injections. Doing so minimizes the chances of bruising and swelling.

Juvéderm Vs. Botox

Juvéderm and Botox are common injectable products that are each used to diminish the signs of cosmetic aging. Each works in a unique way. With Juvéderm, we insert hyaluronic acid to add structure, contours, and plumpness by locking water molecules into tissue. With Botox, we inject a mild, purified neuromodulator into muscle tissue. Botox acts on neuroreceptors in the muscle to decrease contractions that pull on the skin, causing problems like frown lines or a drooping brow.

Juvéderm Vs. Restylane

Juvéderm and Restylane are very similar products. Each is based on hyaluronic acid. Each is used to reduce the appearance of lines and creases or to add volume to areas like the cheeks or lips. Both Juvéderm and Restylane have multiple product formulations that can address specific needs. Some say that Juvéderm is faster-acting than Restylane, but the difference is subtle enough to make either product line appropriate for most people.

Side Effects Of Juvéderm

Some people receive Juvéderm injections without side effects. Those that do occur are typically limited to minor, temporary redness and localized swelling around injection sites. These side effects fade so quickly that it’s possible to have treatment on your lunch hour. Though less common, bruising is a potential side effect that may occur. The risk of bruising may be decreased by avoiding alcohol and medications like aspirin the day before injectable treatment.

Schedule a Consultation

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