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radiesse boston | dermal fillers newton maWhat is Radiesse?

Radiesse is made of Calcium Hydrosylapatit Microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. When it’s injected, it provides immediate volume and it also stimulates the body to produce it’s own collagen. In time, the gel is absorbed and the microspheres are metabolized leaving only natural collagen.

The results are not permanent, but over time, some collage stimulation may result in some fullness being maintained.

Who is a good candidate for Radiesse?

Individuals who have lost volume in the face due to aging, weight loss, or other conditions, such as HIV Lipoatrophy may benefit from the immediate volume correction that is provided.

What to expect during Radiesse treatment

The Radiesse procedure involves injection through a needle, which is done under sterile conditions to avoid infection. Numbing cream can be applied to the face prior to the injection, which takes the edge off of the initial injections.

Additionally, local anesthetic is administered with the Radiesse, so that the treated areas become numb is more material is injected. The patient is seated in a treatment chair, and as the injections are done, he or she can view the changes and address personal concerns.

Once the product is injected, some massage of the treated areas may be done to help with shaping and smoothing. After the treatment, cold packs can be used to help minimize swelling, bruising and discomfort.

How many treatments are needed for best results?

A single treatment can provide significant correction. Because of the dissipation of the gel carrier, patients often benefit from a second “booster” treatment two to three months later, and the results at that point have typically lasted for about a year.
radiesse boston

What other procedures compliment Radiesse?

Radiesse can be used with other fillers that may be better for more superficial use, finer lines, and more delicate areas, such as lower eyelids. Sculptra can be used to provide more stimulation to collagen synthesis, which would give a longer-lasting result by using both products.

Is it painful?

There is some pain associated with the treatment, which is why numbing cream and local anesthesia are used. Most patients are able to tolerate the pain very well.

How long does Radiesse last?

Depending on the situation, results can last up to a year and even longer in some situations.

What to expect after Radiesse

After the procedure, it’s not uncommon to have some swelling and bruising, which can compel one to stay at home for a day or two. So planning should be done to avoid commitments in the event there is significant bruising or swelling.

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