Emsculpt NEO in Boston, MA

One of the most common reasons why people consider procedures such as liposuction is because they want to get rid of unwanted fat. However, liposuction, though effective in its own right, is an invasive procedure with less-than-desirable risks. That is why Dr. Richard Silverman is pleased to announce that he offers Emsculpt Neo©!

What Is Emsculpt Neo and How Does It Work?

Emsculpt Neo is the latest innovation of non-invasive procedures to eliminate fat cells. With only a single 30-minute session, your body can begin building muscle! This is accomplished through the use of radiofrequencies and high-intensity electromagnetic fields. These two factors help build muscle by causing intense contractions. Emsculpt Neo combines two different therapies into a single package. This can help you save time and money while reducing fat and building muscle.

How Much Does Emsculpt Neo Cost?

The total cost of Emsculpt Neo depends on how many treatments you require, where you live, and who is providing it. On average, you can expect to spend up to $1,000 per treatment session. It is also worth noting that Emsculpt Neo is not typically covered by insurance because it is considered a cosmetic procedure. You will need to check with your insurance company to see if they can cover the cost.

Is EmSculpt Neo Safe?

Yes, Emculpt Neo is safe to use on multiple areas of the body. These areas can include the arms, stomach, upper back, thighs, and buttocks area. The results Emsculpt Neo yields vary from person to person. Results can be seen immediately, but the final results typically occur 90 days after treatment. What further sets Emsculpt Neo apart from traditional liposuction is that it requires no downtime. You can jump right back into your daily routine with no problem.

What Are The Risks of Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo is generally a safe procedure, but similar to other procedures, there are risks you need to account for. The risks are rare, but it is possible to experience bruising, redness in the treated areas, and muscle soreness. It is also possible to experience nausea and dizziness, which is brought on by the intense muscle contractions.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate For Emsculpt Neo?

Though Emsculpt Neo can be beneficial for those looking to tone up while simultaneously eliminating fat, it is not for everyone. There are certain factors that can disqualify you from being a candidate for the procedure.

These factors include the following:

  • You have an electronic device inside of you, such as a pacemaker.
  • You have an artificial joint in one of the treatment areas.
  • You are currently pregnant.
  • You are breastfeeding.
  • You have unrealistic expectations regarding the procedure.
  • You have metal implants including copper IUD's.

Dr. Richard Silverman will determine whether or not you are a viable candidate for Emsculpt Neo during your consultation with him. He will go over your concerns and medical history before coming to a conclusion. If you are not a suitable candidate for this procedure, Dr. Silverman can offer you alternative options.

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