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I’m often changing my routine, but for quite some time now, I’ve used this as the basis of my training regimen. I train 5 days on and 2 days off, when I theoretically do cardio of some sort (biking, roller blading…whatever). I have split it up this way in order to maximize each workout, which takes under an hour, except for legs, which takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. I frequently do six sets of bi’s with back and six sets of tri’s with chest, which allows me to skip my arm day sometimes. Alternatively, sometimes I do shoulders and arms on the same day. WARNING: This approach will not work for everyone. I’m not even sure it’s the best approach for me, but I’m still making progress, so I keep on doing it.

Monday – Back

3 sets of wide grip lat pulldowns
3 sets of wide grip seated rows
3 sets of close grip lat pulldowns,
3 sets of close grip seated rows.

Tuesday – Chest

3 sets of incline dumbell presses
3 sets flat Hammer strength bench
3 sets of incline hammer strength bench,
3 sets of “pec deck” flies–

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I do this every other week, alternating with a workout that starts with flat bench 5 sets of 5 ala powerlifting-style training

Wednesday – Legs

Squats. Usually 4 sets up to last max set (was up to 505 prior to last diet).
3 to 5 sets of Hack squats
3 sets of leg extensions

Deadlifts or Stiff-legged dead lifts–alternate each week
3 sets of lying hamstring curls
3 sets of adductors
3 sets of seated hamstring curls
10 to 12 sets of a mix of standing and seated calf raises

Thursday – Shoulders

3 sets overhead press
3 sets each of lateral arm raises, front arm raises, rear delt (pec deck in reverse or with dumbbells)
3 or 4 sets of shrugs.

Friday – Bis And Tris

10 to 12 sets for each, usually 4 exercises, 3 sets each—use your imagination. I do a set of biceps, a set of triceps…and so on…This results in a phenomenal pump. When I finish, I feel like my arms are at least 20 or 21 inches…which they aren’t, but….

Saturday – Rest!

Sunday – More Rest!!

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