8 things women who lift should know about breast augmentation

Dr. Rick Silverman Women who are in bodybuilding and fitness often find that they lose their breast tissue as they train and tone. That’s why breast augmentation is a great way to bring back your curves. If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, here are eight things you may not know:

  • It’s the most popular cosmetic procedure. Around 300,000 surgeries are performed in the United States each year.
  • Breast augmentation has a high satisfaction rate. In fact, 98 percent of patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery say their decision was worth it. In one survey, 92 percent of women said their self-esteem increased after the procedure.
  • Ideal candidates should have clear reasons for wanting breast implants. Having breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, and studies show that the happiest patients are those who have a healthy sense of self before deciding on surgery.
  • Implants under the muscle are better for appearance. When placed over the muscle, they tend to be more obvious.
  • The implant can move or deflate, but it’s not typical and very rare. Women who bodybuild worry about how lifting can impact the breast implant if it’s under the pectoralis major chest muscle. The implant will be squeezed under the muscle, but breast implants are made to take a lot of abuse.
  • There are different types of implants. Dr. Silverman offers two types of implants—round and anatomic—and both give good results. He uses round breast implants in most surgeries. For patients who have a narrow rib cage and want a larger implant, anatomic implants shouldn’t obscure the intercostals and serratus, whereas a larger round implant may do so.
  • Implants are not intended to last forever. While each patient is different, there may be a need to replace them at some point.
  • Breast augmentation can be done in combination with other procedures. Common procedures done in combination with breast augmentation surgery include breast lift, liposuction and abdominoplasty. During your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Silverman, you will discuss your desired outcomes and what procedures would maximize results and minimize downtime for recovery.
  • You can return to fitness activities relatively soon after surgery. Patients can start cardio in about a week and start lifting weights two weeks after surgery. You should avoid chest exercises for up to six weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rick Silverman at our Boston office by calling (617) 965-9500.

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