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Breast Implants: Which Shape is the Right Shape?

Choices for patients considering breast augmentation have expanded quite a bit since the inception of this procedure. First, the choice was silicone. Then, due to unexpected complications, the choice was saline. Now, both are safe and viable options, thanks to improvements in the outer shell and the characteristics of the solutions used to fill implants. […]

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breast cancer

Breast Self-Examination Is Vitally Important To Your Health

Occasionally, Dr. Silverman consults with patients who have experienced and overcome breast cancer. It’s a fact that early detection of breast cancer is dependent upon regular breast self-exams. At least on a monthly basis, you should check your breasts for lumps, thickened tissue, and changes in texture. Performing a proper breast self-exam means feeling and […]

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Breast Augmentation

Let’s Discuss Breast Revision Surgery

Breast augmentation leads the list when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Since 1961, when the first of the silicone breast implants were created, women have flocked to cosmetic surgeons to request this procedure. The basic silicone implant was modified in 1982, but years later, studies by the FDA concluded that a substance found in some […]

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