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How to Get Over a Weight Plateau

One of the most frustrating things about hitting the gym hard every day and eating right is to see your weight plateau when you’re on a weight loss journey. But, one thing to realize is that this is a relatively normal part of the process. But, what can you do to get over that hump […]

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ANBC Nationals Event

NUMBER FIVE AND STILL ALIVE! ANBC Nationals, November, 1997 I’ve been negligent. Well, not really negligent, just too darn busy. Anyway, I’m reading my weights lists from over a week ago, and I read Nancy Andrews’ post about her winning the WNBF World Championships in New York on November 15. Her statement of the fact […]

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ANBC Nationals

FOURTH DOWN ANBC Nationals, November 16, 1996 When you go through life thinking you’re a tall skinny guy and suddenly find yourself preparing to compete at the national level of a natural bodybuilding contest, your expectations tend not to be too high. Especially if you’ve only been a “bodybuilder” for two years and in your […]

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NPC New England Championship

DR. RICK’S THIRD ACT NPC New England Championship, April 21, 1996 Alright, so I lied. So, sue me. I had promised to disappear for a little while, but after catching the competitive bug, I was easily prodded by my “advisors” to consider entering the NPC New England Championship on Sunday, April 21. Why, you ask […]

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ANBC Pioneer Valley Natural

DR. RICK’S SECOND BODYBUILDING CHANCE ANBC Pioneer Valley Natural, April 13, 1996 I never had much luck at winning in athletics. It all stemmed from my little league coach when I was about 7 years old. Never could throw a ball–still can’t. But this bodybuilding stuff seems to be a little different. I won’t go […]

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ANBC Colonial Classic

DR. RICK’S FIRST BODYBUILDING BLOOD ANBC Colonial Classic, March 30, 1996 This is a long post, meant predominantly for those of you who have been so encouraging as I approached the world of “Competitive Bodybuilding” and for those of you who are contemplating doing the same. I’ve included excessive detail, so that I could remember […]

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