Botox or dermal fillers: Which one is best for my needs?

Your face is one of the first places to show signs of aging, and it’s something that happens to all of us. The great thing is there are many non-surgical treatments available such as Botox and dermal fillers that provide fast results without having to go under the knife. But which injectable treatment is best for your needs? Here, we break down the differences between Botox and the most popular dermal fillers.

Fine lines and wrinkles are the top signs of aging and inevitably happen to all of us. Non-surgical treatments such as injectables are popular with patients because they provide quick results with little or no downtime. Not all wrinkles are the same, so you may need one type of injectable or a combination to achieve the youthful results you want.

Dynamic vs. static wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are the same, and the skin has two different types of wrinkles: Dynamic and static wrinkles. Botox treats dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by repetitive muscle contractions. This makes the skin furrow and fold when you are making a facial expression such as frowning, squinting, smiling or raising your eyebrows.

Botox is not useful on static wrinkles, which is where dermal fillers step in. Static wrinkles are always visible and are brought on by aging, genetics, poor diet and smoking. Dermal fillers also restore volume and fullness to the face.


Botox is a neurotoxin that can temporarily stop the activities of the muscles and make them relax and visibly reduce or smooth out wrinkles. Botox is typically injected into the upper third of the face to smooth out the “11” frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. You will start seeing results in just a few days after treatment. The results typically last three to four months, when you return for treatment to maintain the results and keep wrinkles at bay.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers not only reduce facial lines and creases, but they also restore volume and fullness in the face caused by a continual decrease in collagen and hyaluronic acid as we age. Restylane and Juvederm are two popular dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid that can restore volume and reduce the signs of aging. You will see results from the dermal filler right after treatment. Results could last a few months to a year, depending on the type of filler used.

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