Breast Self-Examination Is Vitally Important To Your Health

breast cancer treatment boston Occasionally, Dr. Silverman consults with patients who have experienced and overcome breast cancer. It’s a fact that early detection of breast cancer is dependent upon regular breast self-exams. At least on a monthly basis, you should check your breasts for lumps, thickened tissue, and changes in texture. Performing a proper breast self-exam means feeling and surveying your breast in multiple positions.

Begin by looking at your bare breasts in the mirror. Having uneven-sized breasts isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. But watch for changes in color and texture of your breast skin and nipples. Place your hands on your hips to tighten your chest muscles. Lean forward and back to scan your breasts from every angle. Be sure to also check for any discharge from your nipples.

Next, feel your breasts for abnormalities while you are standing. Begin at your collar bone and continue down to the ribs below your breasts and then from your armpits to between your breasts. Use an up-and-down pattern on both breasts. While lying down, make a circular motion across the same areas. Take note when you encounter tissue that feels different.

Some things to look for include:
•A lump or thickening near your armpit
•Dimpled or puckered breast tissue
•Redness of your breast or nipple
•Marble-like lumps within your breast tissue
•Nipple discharge
•Noticeable change to your breasts

Some breast changes may be totally benign. Others may indicate breast cancer. Consulting with your doctor is the best way to know for sure. An early diagnosis is key, making your chances or recovery much more likely.

If you would like additional information or would like to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your breasts, call to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Silverman. He is trained to understand and provide caring insight during this time.

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