Considering Breast Augmentation? Here’s The Scoop On Recovery

Breast Augmentation | Boston You are no doubt excited to see the results of your breast augmentation surgery…even if you have yet to schedule it. There is much to know about this popular and life-changing surgery, and Dr. Silverman is the perfect surgeon to consult if you have questions. In the meantime, here are a few things to know that can help during your recovery:

  • Relax. Rest. Recover. Having breast augmentation surgery is, well, it’s major surgery. It’s a time to take advantage of some much needed rest and relaxation – two things that work in tandem to speed the recovery process.
  • Easy Does It. Of course you will be eager to get back into your normal workout routine as soon as possible after your surgery, but it’s recommended that you wait for at least 12 weeks before you start running, lifting, or doing any sort of strenuous workout routine.
  • Massage Is Good. Dr. Silverman will instruct you on when and how to properly do this, but massaging your breasts after surgery will help to break up any tissue that may be tightening and will help you to feel better faster. It may not be comfortable at first, but it will save you in the long run.
  • Ditch Your T-Shirts For Awhile. Although it may seem like slipping into a t-shirt is not a big deal, it actually is. The process of lifting your arms above your head can be quite painful for a few weeks. The solution is easy: opt for button-down shirts for the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Drive Not. Driving a car isn’t exactly a strenuous activity, however you’ll most likely be on strong painkillers for the first couple of days after your surgery – hand in your car keys. Schedule help before your surgery – your housework can wait but eating can’t. Hire a delivery service or use a friend or family member until you are feeling better and are off the pain meds.

Did we say life-changing? Yes, augmentation is definitely that. Get excited, prepare, and know what to expect. Call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Silverman, today and get yourself “holiday-party ready”.

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