Sculptra Vs. Liposuction: What Makes Sculptra So Unique

body contouring boston ma | Dr. Richard Silverman Hitting the gym every day and eating a healthy diet are two things that are very rewarding. However, if you have noticed that no matter how much you put into meal planning and no matter how many hours you are spending at the gym that you still have stubborn areas of fat on your body, then you may want to consider taking matters into your hands. As a procedure that is designed to give you a slimmer looking body, Sculptra can give you similar results to liposuction. But how does it differ from liposuction and what makes Sculptra so unique? Read on to learn more.

How Does It Differ?

Liposuction and Sculptra are only similar because of the results that you will get from them. Other than that, there is no similarity. For instance, liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure that will help you get rid of fat by physically scraping it off and suctioning it out. Whereas Sculptra is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of radiofrequency technology to heat up your fat cells and mold them.

What Makes Sculptra Unique?

The real question is, what doesn’t make Sculptra unique? More than its non-invasive approach to fat removal, Sculptra also gives patients permanent results in just 6-12 treatment sessions. Sculptra technology is especially unique because of how it is performed. As previously mentioned, Sculptra uses radiofrequency technology to heat up the fat cells. Once the fat cells are heated up, a vacuum-like device will be moved across your body to help with fat reduction, the disappearance of cellulite, and contouring.

Life is frustrating enough as it is but add stubborn fat to the mix and it’s even more so. If you would like to learn more about Sculptra and whether or not it’s right for you, contact Dr. Rick Silverman today.

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