Spotting the Signs of the Wrong Surgeon

plastic surgeryIt’s natural to feel apprehensive when undergoing cosmetic surgery for the first time. The last thing you need to add to that apprehension is a nagging concern about the trustworthiness of your surgeon. The trouble is that unless you’re a professional yourself, or have prior experience, it can be tricky to fully assess a surgeon and his or her credentials. Here are a few things to watch for when choosing a surgeon.

If you get the impression that the surgeon under consideration is pushing plastic surgery as a universal answer with no risks and no exceptions, you’re dealing with an irresponsible individual who is simply looking for new customers. It’s crucial that a surgeon address all risks, side effects, and common sense guidelines, rather than just give you a “hard sell” on the procedure.

Similarly, if you feel you’re being rushed into a decision about a procedure, this is a sign that you’re dealing with a less than ethical surgeon. If you’re offered a “one time only” rate valid for one day only or made to think it’s a case of committing now or never, the answer is never. Ethical surgeons want their clients to take their time with their decision, usually insisting on a breathing period after receiving the needed information about the procedure.

A competent surgeon is proud of his or her work and illustrates that with a portfolio of before and after photos. If these case studies are lacking, there should be a question of what the surgeon is hiding. The same is true of client feedback.

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