Stepping Back Into the Gym: Your Week-By-Week Recovery Guide

Training after Cosmetic Surgery Boston | Fitness Training Newton | Brighton MA With most surgical procedures, patients are prohibited from exercising or weight lifting for around six weeks afterward. However, if you’re a bodybuilder, that six weeks can seem like an eternity and give you cabin fever— especially now that the temperatures are cooling down and you can’t spend as much time outdoors. Dr. Rick Silverman, however, understands your desires and has created a week-by-week guide for you to get back into weightlifting sooner rather than later, and without risking injury.

Week 1: Rest

It’s important for you to rest for an entire week following surgery. Rather than heading to the gym like you normally would try grabbing a book or renting some movies. Rest will give your body the strength it needs to heal without risking infection or injury.

Week 2: Small Cardio

Now that you have given your body a full week to rest, you can ease into some minor cardiovascular workouts like using an elliptical machine, a stationary bike, or treadmill. Depending on the type of surgery you had, will dictate whether or not you can run. If you had a gynecomastia, you could start to lift light weights at the end of the week.

Week 3: Introduce Weights

The third week is when most patients can start introducing light weights into their workout routine— just make sure that you wear your compression garment during this time. If you had a gynecomastia, you could slowly start increasing the weight that you are lifting during week three.

Week 4: Ease Into It

During week four, continue to avoid doing any exercises near the operative site, but you can start to get back into your normal workout routine at this stage.

One Month: You’re Ready to Roll

Now that you’ve officially reached the one-month mark, you should be able to resume your normal workouts as long as you are healing properly. Remember that since you have been out of the game for so long, it may take you longer to get back into things.

Recovery is often the hardest part of surgery for Dr. Rick Silverman’s patients. Luckily, with his unique week by week guide, you will be able to start lifting before you know it. Schedule an appointment at one of our two locations to learn more.

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