Botox for a Softer Jaw Line

botox Many of the patients we work with spend a great deal of time honing the tightness and tone of their muscles. This can be great for the overall shape of the body. However, it may not be the best thing for your face. A sharp, angular jaw line and square jaw shape are perceived as more masculine than feminine, and some women would prefer not to move in this direction, regardless of the muscle tone across the rest of their body. To reshape the jaw line used to mean surgery; and that particular type of surgery could mean extensive down time. Today, patients who want to soften the jaw line might be able to do so in just one visit and a few injections.

Facial reshaping has been revolutionized by the use of Botox Cosmetic. The specific technique used to deliver injections is intended to reduce the width of the jaw, which creates a more heart-shaped or oval appearance by relaxing the masseter muscle.

The masseter muscle is what allows us to chew. While there are biological factors that may cause one to have a square jaw naturally, an enlarged masseter muscle will only exaggerate what Mother Nature has started. If a habit such as perpetual gum-chewing or grinding and clenching the teeth exists, this muscle – like any other muscle in the body – gets a good workout. Bulking up may be a great way to win a body-building competition, but it may not be so appealing on the face.

Botox is the anti-aging injectable that works by relaxing muscles. When inserted into a contracted muscle, this solution inhibits the reception of neurotransmission from brain to nerves. The ensuing weakness in the muscle allows it to smooth out and even out in terms of bulk.

Botox treatments have been widely used for wrinkle-reduction for several years. Treating the masseter muscle is no more uncomfortable than treating frown lines. In fact, most patients tolerate injections with ease; no need for anesthetic, and no down time. One of the key differences between treating wrinkles with Botox and treating a square jaw line is that 2 to 3 treatments may need to be performed before the jaw is noticeably softened. Once the desired shape has been achieved, it can be maintained with periodic touch-ups.

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