Breast Implants: Which Shape is the Right Shape?

breast augmentation | Boston Choices for patients considering breast augmentation have expanded quite a bit since the inception of this procedure. First, the choice was silicone. Then, due to unexpected complications, the choice was saline. Now, both are safe and viable options, thanks to improvements in the outer shell and the characteristics of the solutions used to fill implants. Not only does today’s patient get to decide which type of “filling” she prefers, but she also gets to choose the shape of the implant that will best suit her desired outcome. Here, we will look at the differences between round and shaped implants, and how your choice may affect you.

Careful Planning for Customized Results
Mother Nature doesn’t go through too much to throw each of us together. There are no lengthy conversations or in-depth planning. Two vital aspects of two humans come together and, viola! You have a human! This is so not the case with breast augmentation. This process involves a great deal of consideration. We talk about expectations. We look at pictures. We discuss the different placement options of implants and the different types. All so that we can create a look that looks best on your particular chest shape and size and your overall body proportions. Then, we need to throw your preferences into the mix, as well.
This all sounds like a lot, but we have it down to a science, and so do implant manufacturers. FDA approved implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Round Implants
For the patient who is interested in rounding out the top portion of her breasts, we may suggest round implants. This implant shape accommodating to positional changes, and is able to rotate within the pocket without changing the outward contouring. Most round implants that we place are smooth in texture to allow this movement. Key note: the upper fullness created with the round implant may not appear as natural as a shaped implant.

Shaped Implants
A tear-drop shaped implant is designed for a more natural aesthetic. As you may imagine, this implant shape has more volume on the bottom than on the upper area. However, for patients whose skin envelope is looser, a tear-drop shaped implant may give sufficient fullness to the upper part of the breasts. Key note: Shaped implants are textured to prevent shifting in the pocket.

We take a great deal of time in the planning process for breast augmentation, because we want you to love your results! For more information, call (617) 965-9500.

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