How a Calf Augmentation Can Be Life Changing

Calf Implants Boston MA If you are a member of the fitness community then you know just how important it is to have tone and definition. However, because everybody’s bodies are built differently, it can sometimes be hard to get definition on certain parts of the body like your calves. If you struggle with getting more defined calf muscles, then this article is just the thing for you. Here at Dr. Rick Silverman’s office, he offers patients a transformative surgery to help them get more toned and defined looking calves. But how? With a surgical procedure called a calf augmentation.

During a calf augmentation, Dr. Silverman will make incisions behind the natural crease in the knee; this is an ideal place because your scar will be concealed but it will also give us access to the calf muscle. Once the incisions have been made, he will then insert the implants below the calf muscle; this placement will help to accentuate calf muscles so that they look more defined while still giving a natural appearance. Once he has finished surgery, you can sit back, recover and enjoy your new muscles.

How Are They Life Changing

If you can’t even count how many leg presses you do in a week in order to get lower calf muscles, then you no longer have to even think about it. Even though Dr. Silverman still recommends that patients in the bodybuilding community continue to exercise their calves after they have recovered, it won’t be quite as necessary as before surgery.

If you have ever done a bodybuilding competition, then you know just how much tone and definition count when it comes to your muscles. If you feel like you haven’t been given the score that you’ve wanted in the past because of your calf muscles then 2019 may be the year that you get a perfect score in all areas.

Let Dr. Silverman help transform your calf muscles with a calf augmentation surgery. If you want to learn more about a calf augmentation, contact us at our Brighton or Newton office and call us at (617) 965-9500.

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