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3 Fall Workouts to Try on a Rainy Day

Fall is just around the corner which means that it may be time to switch up your workout routine. Now that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, it’s good to have a workout to do when the weather gets a little hairy; like on a rainy fall day. To ensure […]

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3 Myths About Gynecomastia

You can search the internet for definitions, cat videos, recipes, and a bunch of DIY instructions. However, there are some things you should be wary of when you hop onto the world wide web— especially when it’s medical based. If you have recently been diagnosed with gynecomastia, you may scour the internet to learn more […]

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The Importance of Fully Recovering After a Gynecomastia

One of the most popular procedures that Dr. Rick Silverman offers is a male breast reduction surgery or gynecomastia. During this surgical procedure, excess fat and breast tissue are removed from the breast area— giving male patients a more toned and masculine-looking chest. As one of the most important parts of a gynecomastia— or any […]

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How to Feel Confident and Bikini-Ready This Summer

Bikini season is in full swing which means one of two things: you’re either ready to show off your body, or you’re not. If you fall into the latter category, you have a few things you can do to get yourself ready; start dieting or consider a non-invasive procedure like SculpSure. With each of these […]

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Fillers for Men

Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma that goes along with people choosing to get fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. However, with more and more men opting to get fillers done from Dr. Rick Silverman, that stigma is slowly becoming obsolete. If you are a male who has started to notice fine lines and wrinkles around […]

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3 Reasons You May Need Gynecomastia

In the male fitness community, nothing can put a damper on your chiseled body quite like having excess breast tissue. However, as something that is fairly common and is caused by things like excess fat or steroid use, excess breast tissue or “man boobs” can easily be treated by a surgical procedure called gynecomastia. However, […]

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